Featuring Three Adorable Species of Ducks

Featuring Three Adorable Species of Ducks

1. Bufflehead

The bufflehead is a small, chubby duck who rarely makes any noise. The male may growl or squeak, and the female is known to give throaty clucks. This is quite a unique species of duck. Here's the female:

And here's the male:

2. Wood Duck

Wood ducks is a very interesting species of duck. A wood duck nests in cavities found in trees. They can't make the cavities themselves, and so they need to go searching for a suitable hole. Here's the male:

And here's the female:

3. Hooded Merganser

This duck is commonly found on small ponds and rivers. Like the wood duck, the hooded merganser nests in tree cavities with their families. The hooded merganser has an extra eyelid that protects its eyes while diving underwater. 



So there you have it! Three adorable species of ducks.


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