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Musical Flapping Yellow
Musical Flapping Yellow
Musical Flapping Yellow
Musical Flapping Yellow
Musical Flapping Yellow
Musical Flapping Yellow
Musical Flapping Yellow

Musical Flapping Yellow Duck

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Musical Flapping Yellow Duck
  • Great Educational Toy: Will enlighten children to see, hear, touch, observe and explore cognition. the musical duck will keep your child happy through his or her early development stages!
  • Woby Multifunctional Musical Dancing Duck Toy: Imitating and chasing the musical duck can exercise baby's limbs large motor skills; The lamp flashes, promote the development of baby vision ability.
  • Musical Intelligence Development: Each feature has a different functional effect. The duck can enhance baby's interaction ability, hearing and improve the baby's knowledge, the music and animal sounds can teach your child about rhythm.
  • Color effect: colorful design, attract the attention of babies and cultivate the babies’ cognitive competence of color. About its wings and body, it has a high visually irritation, will show your baby with colors and lights, the toddler will learn about colors and have fun!
  • Sturdy and Durable Gift: This duck toy can withstand bump,scratch and fall,it’s sturdy enough for babies to play. Suitable for 18 months and up, Best gifts toys for 18 month Toddlers boys and girls.Battery Required: 3 x AA Batteries (Not included)

Product Description

Woby singing talking musical flapping duck toy, action educational first toy as best gift choice for 2 3 year old girl boy baby infant toddler kids children (yellow) Woby is pleased to bring you our very first and newest toy to play with your child-- Musical Yellow Duck with lights and sounds. This is a multi-purpose toy duck that not only allow your baby to enjoy it, but also allow him to grow his knowledge. The duck is equipped with funny moves, special sound effects and cool lights. The happy sound and movement of the ducks can raise the baby's coordinating ability, allowing the baby to feel the rhythm of music. The unique heartbeat sounds can soothe your baby and improve his knowledge. Perfect gift choice idea for birthday, holiday party, Christmas, Thanksgiving day and so on. also as a simply gift for Babies, Toddlers, Girls and Boys.

Features: Sound button: Each time pressed, it will play an interesting sound effect. A total of three sound effect loops. Song keys: two songs loop, let your little one to follow the naughty little yellow duck to learn to sing! Music keys: abundant music, 7 melodies in total, each press to play the next one. Voice key: press the voice button, the little yellow duck will make "ah" sound, while its little wings and the heart-shape button will light up and flash. Heart-shape key: press this button, the mother's heart like beat can calm baby's restlessness. Battery Required: 3 x AA Batteries(not included)

Best baby toys 6 to 12 months

Perfect gift choice idea for birthday, holiday party, Christmas, Thanksgiving day to babies, toddlers, boys and girls.

Happy parent-child interactive baby toy

Quack,quack, quack, cute yellow duck sways and plays chasing games. It's interesting to hear and learn what it says!

Unique design

Yellow duck moving body parts

When Yellow Duck is moving, its winds flap up and down, mouth closes and opens. The funny image with music and light can attract baby to crawl and chase.

Excellent early baby toys

Universal moving function: Turn on power switch and press Yellow Duck's Head button (Start button), Yellow Duck flapping wings moves around. It will automatically change traveling direction, when hits some obstacles.Such cute that lights flash with music.


Go through this process if you experience difficulty in operation:

  • Make sure the unit is off
  • Remove batteries to shut off the power
  • Let the unit be in a few minutes without batteries.and then replace the batteries
  • Turn on the unit again

Learning and development

  • Musical intelligence development: Cheerful music can cultivate baby's sense of music and rhythm, and let baby feel the music beat and rhythm.
  • Gross motor development: Universal moving function, cute cartoon images, and funny action can attract baby to crawl and chase the duck. This can stimulate baby's large muscle group development, and improve baby's body balance ability and gross motor development
  • Fine motor development: Explore and observe the duck by pressing buttons on it, which can promote baby's fingers fine motor skills

Cute duck toys

6 buttons
  • Heart button
  • Voice button
  • Melody button
  • Song button
  • Sound effect button
  • Duck button

Sound effect button: Press sound effect button each time, there plays a funny sound effect. 3 sound effects play in a row.

Duck button: Press duck button, you will hear "Quack, quack, quack" sound. Press any button above. Yellow Duck will stop moving.


Heart button: Press heart button, heartbeat similar to mother's can soothe baby's dysphoric mood.

Voice button: Press voice button. Yellow Duck will make "Ah oh!" with cute sound effects. Meanwhile, the wings and heart button flash with lights.

Melody button: 7 melodies play in a row. Press the button each time, the melody will change another one.

Song button: 2 songs of "Six Little Ducks" and "Quack, Quack, Quack" play in a row. Let's learn how to sing songs with Yellow Duck.

Material Type Non-toxic ABS Plastic Non-toxic ABS Plastic Non-toxic ABS Plastic Non-toxic ABS Plastic Non-toxic ABS Plastic Non-toxic ABS Plastic