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Duck Glowing Night
Duck Glowing Night
Duck Glowing Night
Duck Glowing Night
Duck Glowing Night
Duck Glowing Night
Duck Glowing Night

Duck Glowing Night Light

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Duck Glowing Night Light

  • 【Adjustable Mode】- Has 2 brightness adjustment modes, which can be adjusted to bright light and low light, suitable for different scenes; has 2 timing adjustment mode, which can be automatically turned off after 15 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • 【Soothing Night Light】- 2800K warm light helps you relax, dispel the darkness, accompany you to sleep, and let you feel the tranquility of the night; the soft light does not hurt your eyes.
  • 【Safe & Superior Material】- Safe & High quality material made of ABS & silicone; have passed the CE and RoHS certifications, which are more safe to care for the health of babies and adults
  • 【Fun Design & Touch Control】- Kawaii design can be used to decorate the room; you can dress it up by DIY and become friends with him; touch/tap/knead/bomb the mouth of the light to turn on/off the lamp.
  • 【Best Ideal Gift】- The cute lamp can be placed in the bedroom, dormitory, office, dining room, balcony; suitable for babies, toddlers, boys, girls, men, women as Valentine's Day, birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas & New Year gift.


Function description

Light Settings
There are two levels of light brightness: weak and strong, which can be selected to suitable for different occasions.
- Low Light ModeⅠ: The light is slightly bright, suitable for sleeping and getting up at night.
- Strong Light ModeⅡ: The light is brighter, suitable for playing games and phones before sleeping.
- OFF Mode: Turn off the total power of the product.

Delay off light setting
There is a two-step delay off function for 15 or 30 minutes, and the lights will automatically turn off after 15 or 30 minutes.
- ∞ Modes: Turn off the delay off function,and need to turn off the light manually.
- 15 Modes: Turn off the light automatically after 15 minutes.
- 30 Modes: Turn off the light automatically after 30 minutes.

Charging Tips

There is a charging indicator at the bottom of the product, which will be light up when charging, to remind you that the product is in the charging state. And the indicator will automatically turn off when fully charged.

Product Features

The product can be used as a mood light, sleep night light, festival and home decoration & festival and birthday gifts.
Using 12 LED chips as light emitting per-source; having low power consumption and long service life.
Light selection of color temperature of 2800K warm light, soft and comfortable light.
With strong, weak two levels of light brightness, can choose to use according to demand.
With a 15-minute, 30-minute delay off function, suitable for night sleep use.
Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery; one full charge(5V/0.5A)which takes about only 3 hours can support portable usage up to 8-36 hour.
The charging indicator is always on when charging, and will go out when it is full.