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Light Up Duck
Light Up Duck
Light Up Duck
Light Up Duck
Light Up Duck
Light Up Duck
Light Up Duck
Light Up Duck
Light Up Duck

Light Up Duck Toy

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Light Up Duck Toy
  • Educational Toy: This light up, singing and dancing flapping yellow duck toy features colorful, attention grabbing led lights.
  • Best Easter Gift for 3 year old boys and girls with ADJUSTABLE SOUND
  • Size: 6.7 x 5.3 x 4.5 inches
  • Safety Tested and Made of ABS Plastic: Which doesn't break down easily or leach anything into food, water or soil
  • Appropriate for 18 Month old children and up & Requires 3 "AA" batteries (Not Included)

Product Description

Make playtime and learning fun with CifToys’ Musical Dancing Duck. This yellow ducky toy features a wide variety of songs and sound effects that attract, stimulate, and entertain your little one. With wings that light up and flap, this musical toy will catch your baby’s attention and encourage him to observe and explore. The bump and go feature allows this cute little ducky to move around freely and not get stuck on corners. It just backs up and keeps on going! Works on almost any surface. It’s a fun and educational toy!

Improves Your Baby’s Motor Skills

During the first year, babies develop fine motor skills that allow him to become independent as he grows older. The Musical Dancing Duck by CifToys encourages babies to hone their hand-eye coordination through play. The fun tunes, vibrant colors, and interesting shape help babies and toddlers develop their sense of hearing, eyesight, and touch. Crawling babies will definitely have fun chasing it!

Makes Playtime Fun

Playtime does not only develop children’s physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. It also serves as a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with the little ones. This Musical Dancing Duck makes learning and playtime fun. Parents can engage their babies and toddlers by singing along and mimicking the sound that the toy makes.

Sing-along Tunes for Babies

Babies’ sense of hearing is already well developed at birth. They love listening to different music and sounds. Hone your child’s potential to become musically talented with CifToys’ Musical Dancing Duck. With different buttons that play a variety of sounds, this toy will sharpen your kid’s musical ear and help you bond with your kid through music.

Observe and Explore

This Musical Dancing Duck does not only play songs. It also has different buttons that play a variety of sounds. Pressing the Heart button will play a sound similar to mom’s heartbeat—a wonderful reminder of the bond you and your child had while he was still in the womb! Your child will not only have fun listening to music but also have a blast learning.

Eye-Catching Bright Lights and Vibrant Colors

Visual stimulation is important to your child’s sensory development. As his brain develops, his eyesight enables him to understand his environment better. Since babies and toddlers are attracted to bright lights and colors, they would do great with toys that sharpen their vision.

The Musical Dancing Duck comes in cheerful yellow and other lively hues that catch the attention of children. The wings come in two different colors and light up when in use. With its vivid colors and pulsating lights, this dancing duck makes for an interesting educational toy for babies and toddlers. Your young one will surely have tons of fun learning the different colors!

Entertainment for Hours

There’s no shortage of fun with this Musical Dancing Duck. Press the button on the duck’s head to activate the bump and go feature. The little ducky will scoot around the home non-stop, providing endless entertainment for your young one.

The different buttons on the belly also play a variety of sound. Want your kid to learn a new word? Press the Voice button and the toy will play random words that your child can listen to and repeat by himself. If you want to switch songs, the Melody button will play a different tune. Imagine all the fun your baby can have with this yellow dancing duck!

Learning the Fun Way

Babies use playtime to learn more about his body and the world around him. Let him explore his world through sensory play. Toys that encourage the use of the different senses are awesome because they provide both learning and entertainment.

This musical ducky has different features that allow very young children to discover new things. Whether it’s sight, touch, or hearing, this stimulating musical toy will help improve your child’s physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.