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Microwavable Plush Pal with Aromatherapy
Microwavable Plush Pal with Aromatherapy
Microwavable Plush Pal with Aromatherapy
Microwavable Plush Pal with Aromatherapy
Microwavable Plush Pal with Aromatherapy
Microwavable Plush Pal with Aromatherapy

Microwavable Plush Pal with Aromatherapy Lavender

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Heatable Microwavable Plush Pal with Aromatherapy Lavender
  • KID'S FAVORITE - Warm and cozy stuffed animal with aromatherapy for comfort, stress relief, anxiety, and sensory play. Perfect calming bedtime buddy or travel companion.
  • RELAXING SCENT - Stuffed toy with therapy pack filled with natural clay beads and dried lavender provides soothing warmth and comfort. Stays warm longer than a rice heat pack.
  • HEATABLE - This soft plush animal can be fully heated in the microwave and meets all US safety standards. Removable therapy pack can be used as a heating pad or placed in the freezer for cold therapy. Great for fevers, sprains, bruises, swelling, aches, pains, sinus pressure, bursitis, cramps, colic, and tendonitis.
  • GIFT BOX - This cuddly plush pal comes gift ready. Unique gift for a baby shower, gender reveal, birthday, care package, Valentine's Day, Easter, or Christmas.
  • WILD BABY GUARANTEE - Wild Baby is a US based company that takes pride in our plush pals and customer service. We offer free returns within 30 days and are here to answer any of your questions - just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Product Description

“Absolutely wonderful to soothe my girl’s restlessness and anxiety. It has become her favorite go-to plush toy because she know it brings her comfort and relief. This snuggly heatable plush is always by her side.”

Specially designed to be microwavable, the Wild Baby Microwave Plush Pal provides soothing warmth and comfort, just like a best friend's hug. The soft, low pile plush shell has no hard plastic parts, making the Plush Pal truly huggable without irritations. Made from high quality materials that are microwave safe when used as directed.

The Plush Pals can also be chilled. Simply place the plush animal in the freezer for at least an hour and use anytime for gentle cooling relief. Give to kids to calm down with after a hard day at school or play. The 10-inch soft plush toy is easy to carry for car rides to appointments, grandparents, daycare or to school. Plush Pals make the best travel buddy!

Warm me up for a cozy cuddle!

Every plush animal pal contains a thermal comfort pack filled with mineral micro-beads and lavender flowers. When warmed in the microwave, heat is absorbed by the beads and then slowly released along with the wonderful aroma of lavender. The result is a warm cozy plush that’s ready for a snuggle. This warm cozy animal is perfect as a bed warmer or heating pad for a the night.

Always Ready For A Hug

Plush Pals provide soothing warmth and comfort in a cute and cuddly companion. Uniquely designed sensory stuffed animal that’s heatable for a comforting human-like hug that encourages snuggling and companionship.

Snuggable and Lovable

Therapeutic Hot and Cold Pack Inside

Plush Pals feature a removable therapy pack that can be safely applied as a heat or cold pack. A handy little compress for kid's boo boos or small injuries. Accessible to inner pack with hook and loop closure on the back side.

Warm Me Up for Soothing Moist Heat

Place the Plush Pal in a clean microwave for 20 seconds. Check plush and reheat in 10 second bursts until desired warmth is reached. Do not exceed 50 total seconds. Do not overheat.

Snuggle Time

Your kids are going to love this adorable plush ducky. Heat up in microwave for a warm hug. Chill it in freezer for refreshing relief. Plush Pals are not only cute and cuddly, but practical and beneficial.

Adopt one or give them all a forever home!

Give a loved one this one-of-a-kind cozy companion. Each Wild Baby Plush Pal is gift box packed and ready to ship. Get a Plush Pal for the next baby shower, gender reveal party, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Christmas. It will be the best therapeutic stuffed animal any kids and parents will appreciate.

Microwave Safe
Freezer Safe
Removable Hot/Cold Therapy Pack
Sitting Length 7 in. 7 in. 7 in. 8 in. 9 in. 9 in.
Full Length 10 in. 10 in. 10 in. 10 in. 12 in. 12 in.