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7" Sitting Creamy Duck Stuffed Animal Plush SALE

7" Sitting Creamy Duck Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

$15.99 $23.99
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7" Sitting Creamy Duck Stuffed Animal Plush Toy
  • FARM FRIENDS: This cream duckie is the cutest quacker you will ever meet. This barnyard bird is adorable for baby showers or birthdays. Neutral shades and premium softness are great for any occasion.
  • COLLECTIBLE CUDDLES: Plush animals are fun to collect and trade and make great keepsakes for children, teens & adults.  Favorite stuffed toys are soothing for toddlers and make carefree pets!
  • COMFORT: This plush is a comforting pal and perfect for get well wishes, birthdays and more! It is a huggable travel friend for any child on road trips & airplanes, or a cute bedroom decoration.
  • BEST BUDDY: Boys & girls of all ages will love this original toy for imaginary play and as a companion for car rides, watching television, nap time or even soothing fears of the dark.
  • HIGH QUALITY PLUSH ANIMALS: Whether for a child's playtime, comfort at bedtime for sleeping & or a keepsake to hold dear while far from home, Wishpets offer you their soft & cuddly best.

Wishpets are high quality, plush stuffed animals made with luxurious softness and huggable cuteness. We design a diverse line of realistic and whimsical as well as traditional stuffed toys that are sure to delight no matter the occasion. Choose a new Wishpet or two to take home today.

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